TSM is a lifestyle collection of accessories for men and women, which embodies the style and spirit of its founders Carl Hederoth, Charlotta Rosenblad and Boris Bencic. Perceiving a void in the market for a sophisticated Swedish aesthetic at an accessible price point, they brought together an international team of creative individuals. Carl Hederoth wanted to create stylish yet functional accessories for women and men of all ages. They found common values in the Swedish-ness;

Sweden is beautiful
Sweden is fair
Sweden is a personal experience

For T S M Leather Goods function is paramount as is understated sophistication. All products contain a perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality with design based on Swedish design principals such as balance and function. Sizes, shapes, pockets and handles are carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience. Leathers are chosen from well-known tanneries in Italy and Spain and all metalwork, like buckles, attachments and feet are personalized and handcrafted. T S M bags embody contemporary European bag design with surreal detailing.

TSM is currently sold in at a number of selected stores throughout Europe, the United States and Japan